Hard News

VICTORIANS will have to get used to more congested trains as the future of public transport looks static, experts say.

Commuters face more congestion and delays as population growth of more than 1.2 million in last five years has been ignored by Public Transport Victoria (PTV), transport experts say.

“Pressures are much more…[and] delays are more because we got more crowding,” Chair of Public Transport of Monash University Professor Graham Currie said.

Patronage has grown by “40 to 50 per cent in the last four to five years,” but “we are where we were five years ago,” he said.

Over crowding and delays have angered several commuters, with many demanding for more services and more trains.

A disgruntled commuter, Mary said “It’s just terrible” trains are delayed or cancelled everyday.

“I have to travel everyday and everyday I’m waiting for trains,” she said.

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“The issues around trains are due to the failures of the infrastructure, which is owned by the government,” President of Public Transport Users Association (PTUA), Daniel Bowen said.

Increasing  train capacity, signal upgrades to run more trains, and possibly longer platforms on some lines, need to be done “now”, he said.

Productivity is said to be linked with “urban infrastructure, liveability” and community growth,  Chair of the Ministerial Advisory Committee Prof Roz Hansen said.

But that is “a plan for the next 30-40 years,” she said, in a presentation on the nine strategic principals of the Metropolitan Melbourne Strategy Plan.

Communications Manager at Metro Trains Melbourne, Geraldine Mitchell, did not answer her phone or reply to messages.



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