GLEN Eira Pavilion upgrade delay to cost ratepayers more than $2.5 million, cause athletes to miss a whole season and neglect the cracks in the track.

Andrew Weerasekera and Patrick Bereou training at Duncan Mackinnon Athletics Track.

Andrew Weerasekera and Patrick Bereou training at Duncan Mackinnon Athletics Track.

Glen Eira’s Duncan Mackinnon Reserve is getting a brand new grand stand for $10 million, while neglected cracks in the track make athletes prone to injury and miss competition.  Screen shot 2013-04-07 at 2.22.15 PM

Delays in demolition of an old pavilion and resurrection of a new grandstand in Murrumbeena’s Duncan Mackinnon Reserve, will cost the ratepayers an estimated $2.5 million extra.

And athletes are disappointed the upgrade does not include a new track.

Long jumper and team manager, Andrew Weerasekera, has trained on the track for nine years four times a week.

“Obviously it’s good to have a new pavilion,” Weerasekera said.

“But it would have been nice if they could relay the track at the same time too.

“The current one is getting a bit old and firm (and) it would be nice to have less injuries because it means I will have a full team to choose from when it comes to finals.

“It looks fine on the surface, but on a close inspection it is running a bit thin.”

Source: Glen Eira Voice, Athletics track

Glen Eira City Council Recreation Development Coordinator Matthew Barbetta said the track was assessed by “specialist engineers to determine that the track is currently in a satisfactory condition”.

“The condition will continue to be monitored and a replacement scheduled when required, pending funding,” he said.

Glenhuntly club president and coach, Max Bennington, did not comment on the condition of the track, but wanted the new pavilion finished.

“I wished they hurried up and finished (as) the temporary arrangements are not great,” Bennington said.

“It was a couple of years later then they originally planned, but these things take time.”

Duncan Mackinnon Reserve from Mustafa on Vimeo. Athlete Patrick Bereou, 24, says the most annoying thing was that the council took too long to approve applications.

“All this talk that something was getting done and nothing was happening and we lose a whole year of not having any home meets,” he said.

Councillor Neil Pilling said the delays were out of council’s control as there were “a lot of problems with VicRoads”.

“The works were held up for about six months because VicRoads wouldn’t agree to where the entrances were for the car parks,” Cr Pilling said.

VicRoads Regional Director Peter Todd said there were some “safety concerns” raised after receiving a planning application from the council on February 21, 2011.

“An agreement was reached in late May 2011,” Mr Todd said. “VicRoads received the functional layout plan for access to Duncan Mackinnon Reserve, from Council, on 30 May 2012.”

Screen shot 2013-04-07 at 2.28.43 PM


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