Equal love pressures Govt.

Hard News

MORE than 1500 people rallied for equal marriage rights at the state Library today, aiming their message at the Politicians.

Event organizer Ali Hogg said, gay people have rights too and they “won’t back down”.

“I think that it’s important in the lead up to the election that we come out and protesting, sending a message to Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott that we are not gona (sic) go away until we are equal,” Ms Hogg said.

“We are sick of our voices being ignored,” she said.

While the streets of Melbourne were represented by equal rights enthusiasts, there were some opposing views also on the streets.

Islam advocate Abdul Argund was handing out “the message of Islam” in the CBD. he said religion disagrees.

“There is no such thing as marriage outside of religion,” Mr Argund said.

“Religion has made up marriage so you live in a sort of contract. So a guy and a guy, there is no such thing as that, because religion says that they cant get married.”

But this was not the common view at the state library, amnesty International including musicians and some politicians were all present to support equal marriage rights.

Onlooker and mother of three Stacey Foster said Australia is “lagging behind”.

“It’s only a matter of time, we are just a bit behind times at the moment, unfortunately New Zealand is ahead of us,” she said.

Equal love organisers have warned of many more rallies protesting anti-gay marriage laws until the elections.


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