Mustafa Nuristani showreel


Going back to basics

THE most primitive ways in the world are proving the most engaging.

Nestled amidst the mountains, Wollangarra Outdoor Education Centre gives young adults a life they could only imagine of – without technology. 

Live cross from location.

Live Cross – Wollangarra Outdoor Education Centre from Mustafa on Vimeo.


Crime on show

LAW and Order, Crime Scene Investigation are just some of the TV shows feeding the publics curiosity of crime and detectives solving it.

Now, Victoria Police Museum has launched an exhibition that shows exactly how crimes are solved, dating back to the 1800’s.

TV news story. 

Crime on show – Victoria Police from Mustafa on Vimeo.


Future seems bleak for young farmers

AS the push for the new generation to take up farming gains momentum, it seems not all the avenues are clear-cut.

Young Agribusiness Professionals known as YAPs is designed to engage young people to take up farming. But some future farmers are complaining of limited job opportunities and experiences of sexual discrimination.

Long format current affair piece. 

Young farmers future seems bleak from Mustafa on Vimeo.


Daily news for university radio station Monash Radio. 

Radio News


Self-harming and starving for a visa: Inside Broadmeadows detention centre

WHAT would you do to be granted leave to live in a safe and prosperous country?

For some desperate asylum seekers being held at Broadmeadows detention centre while their claims to stay in Australia are processed, self-harm, hunger strikes and suicide attempts seem increasingly a solution to ending the wait.

Radio current affair story


Hope St bus line faces the axe

Brunswick’s Hope St Bus line is facing the axe, as Public Transport Victoria has decided to end the service. Among the locals it is mostly the elderly that are devastated.

TV news story.  

Video News Story Journalism 1 from Mustafa on Vimeo.


Noise pollution gets unwanted attention

Council garbage trucks are disturbing light sleepers across the country, only now there has been some formal complaints made to the councils affected the most.

The City of Stonington council has not disclosed the details of the complainants for privacy reasons, but ABC’s environment reporter, Mustafa Nuristani took to the streets to see how many people are affected by garbage truck noise.

Radio news story. 


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